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Logsafe is the best timesheet software in Bangalore. We offer comprehensive reporting, analysis and help at every stage of your project. We teach you how to use our reporting features to deliver valuable information on your project’s KPIs throughout your project.


Timesheet software for businesses with web and mobile interfaces. It helps you capture time spent on different tasks, as per the demand of your business. We help to track time spent on projects, activities, services and other business processes easily.


We are a log management and time tracking software which helps you to automate your business processes. Our timesheet platform allows you to track labour costs, project estimation, and manage the tasks done by employees.


Logsafe is a timesheet software application that helps you manage your time billing, prevents duplicate entries and provides multiple reports.


Logsafe is the most cost-effective timesheet software to reduce your company’s expenses and increase its profitability. It is a web-based timesheet system built on a cloud-based architecture? It plays with all the different counts you have for each employee and shows the time worked on each task, automatically creating detailed ACCOUNTS, DATES, EXPENSES, and BASKET for every job or task completed.


Logsafe is a timesheet software for small/medium-sized businesses that want to save time and money. Lets you quickly set up, manage and control your workers’ time and attendance, payroll, absence management and simple financials. Sign up for free!


It is a simple yet powerful timesheet solution that helps ease the burden of the workflow and costs associated with the deployment and maintenance of physical office-based time and attendance systems. Our cloud-based solution eliminates paper trails and eliminates costly desktop hardware for secure data storage on secure servers, supporting multiple users worldwide.


We help you to keep track of your time with flexible reports, 24/7 support and a great user experience all at an affordable price.

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