Best Place for Having Beard & Mustaches transplantation in Bangalore

Beard & Mustaches transplantation in Bangalore is one of the most effective treatments for male pattern baldness. The procedure is performed at Brillar Cosmetic Clinic, HSR Layout, Bangalore which is known for its excellence in the field.

The cost of Beard & mustache transplantation in HSR Layout  Bangalore depends on the number of grafts you want to get. However, most patients are able to get their transplant done for around 80 K or less, depending on their budget and how many grafts they want to have done.

Brillar Cosmetic Clinic also offers financing options that can help you get your transplant done at Easy Monthly Installments at low Zero interest rate!

Brillar Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best clinics in Bangalore for Beard & mustache transplantation. We treat patients from all over India and abroad, as well as provide excellent customer service through our website and phone support system.

Beard & Mustaches transplantation is a procedure that helps to add more facial hair to your face. The procedure is performed by removing the hair follicles from the back and sides of the head, then using them to grow new hair follicles in your cheeks and chin area.

The best way to get started with beard and mustache transplantation is to go through a consultation at Brilar Cosmetic Clinic who one of our top clinics in Bangalore. We have specially trained doctors who will take a close look at your existing facial hair, assess the extent of damage done by shaving, and make recommendations for how best to proceed. The first step in any treatment plan is always an evaluation – so make sure you schedule an appointment today with best doctor at Brillar Cosmetic Clinic who served more than 3000 + happy customers of Hair Transplantation, Beard & Mustache Transplantations. (

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